آهنگهای ویژه

  • هردیس استفانسدوتیر

    Knock at the Cabin 2023 Soundtrack

  • ویل بیتس

    Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches Soundtrack

  • روث برت

    The Terminal List Soundtrack

  • ترور گورکیس

    Dead Space Soundtrack

  • آنتونی ویلیس

    M3GAN 2022 Soundtrack

  • VA

    Peaky Blinders Soundtrack

  • VA

    Alchemy of Souls Soundtrack

  • کالین استتسون

    The Menu 2022 Soundtrack

  • گوستاوو سانتائولایا و دیوید فلمینگ

    The Last of Us Soundtrack

  • توماس نیومن

    A Man Called Otto 2022 Soundtrack

  • سایمون فرانگلن

    Avatar: The Way of Water 2022 Soundtrack

  • هیتور پریرا

    Puss in Boots: The Last Wish 2022 Soundtrack

  • هاوارد شور

    The Pale Blue Eye 2022 Sounstrack

  • ترنت رزنر و آتیکوس راس

    Bones and All 2022 Soundtrack

دانلود موسیقی متن سریال Friends

موسیقی متن سریال Friends

آلبوم موسیقی متن سریال دوستان یا فرندز (Friends) در این پست قرار گرفته است. موسیقی متن سریال Friends آلبومی بود که توسط WEA در سال 1995 منتشر شد و دارای آهنگ هایی از کمدی تلویزیونی Friends بود. این آهنگ‌ها اختصاصی نبودند که برای سریال نوشته شده‌اند، بلکه آهنگ‌هایی بودند که مستقیماً در نمایش استفاده می‌شدند یا «الهام‌گرفته‌شده» از نمایش بودند. این آلبوم همچنین شامل نمونه های کوچکی از دیالوگ های گفتاری از سریال بود. آهنگ هایی چون آهنگ تیتراژ سریال فرندز (Ill Be There For You) از رمبرندز و آهنگ Smelly Cat نیز گنجانده شده است. برای دانلود آهنگ های سریال فرندز با جم موزیک همراه باشید.

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دانلود آلبوم

# نام قطعه کیفیت 320
1 I ll Be There For You Mix Bonus Track
2 The Rembrandts I ll Be There For You
3 Thor El Friends Til The End I ll Be There For You
4 Smelly Cat Medley
5 Smelly Cat Recording Studio Version
6 Smelly Cat
7 Viva Las Vegas
8 The Weenus
9 Your Fly is Open Geller
10 Isn t That Just a Kick You in the Crotch Fantastic
11 You Told Me It Was A Nubbin
12 Joey and Janice’s Day Of Fun
13 Look At Me I m Chandler
14 As My Lover
15 Married A Lesbian Left A Man At The Alter
16 I Ross Take Thee Emily
17 Get Rid of Anything Rachel Touched
18 Do They Know We Know
19 How You Doin
20 What I Can t Have a Mimosa with Breakfast
21 Oh My God I m a Woman
22 The More I Drink the Less There is for the Kids
23 Regina Philange
24 I m Curvy and I Like It
25 We Were On A Break
26 You re Not Speaking French
27 She s Your Lobster
28 I Fell Down an Elevator Shaft
29 Do You Know Anything About Chicks
30 I d Pee On Any One Of You
31 Seven
32 Pivot
33 This Hand is Your Hand
34 It Tastes Like Feet
35 Ross Married Rachel in Vegas
36 Unagi
37 I m Chandler I Make Jokes
38 Here Come the Meat Sweats
39 We Have Red Bagels
40 I m Not Great at the Advice
41 The Only Response to I Love You
42 My Favorite Things
43 Wooden Boy
44 German Laundry Song
45 The Dinkle Song
46 Psycho
47 New York City Has No Power
48 Top of The World
49 Dead Mother Song
50 Colonel Bogey
51 Cui Cui
52 Dun Dun Duuuun
53 You Cry
54 They Found Their Bodies
55 I m In The Shower
56 I Don t Need Your Charity
57 Terry s A Jerk
58 Won t You Be My Neighbor
59 Smelly Cat
60 That s Another Thing That You Don t Wanna Do
61 Oh The Cow In The Meadow Goes Moo
62 Sometimes
63 Buffalo Gals
64 Get Down Tonight
65 Happy Birthday To You
66 The Rats Played Maracas
67 Bad Bad Boy Leroy Brown
68 Tiny Dancer
69 Syrup Song
70 GI Joe
71 I Like Bea This Old Man Ross Monica
72 I Like Bea This Old Man Young Ross
73 Baby Elephant Walk
74 Mattress Delivery Man
75 Pomp & Circumstance
76 Congratulations On Your Brand New Job
77 Mr Pretentious
78 You ve Got To Pick a Pocket Or Two
79 Homestyle Stew
80 Sticky Shoes
81 Smelly Cat
82 Smelly Cat Ad
83 Jingle Bitch
84 Gilligan s Island Theme
85 Oh Mommy Oh Daddy
86 Old MacDonald
87 Crazy Underwear
88 Colors In My Bedroom
89 Smelly Cat
90 Sticky Shoes Too
91 Parading Goats
92 Paper Mache Man
93 Lullaby of Broadway Jeepers Creepers You re a Grand Old Flag
94 Little Tiny Tarzan
95 Barnyard Boogie
96 Infinite Time
97 Happy Hanukkah Monica
98 Happy Happy Hanukkah
99 Are You In There Little Fetus
100 Good Will Humping Theme
101 Smelly Cat
102 Bridal Chorus
103 Wedding March
104 Sleepy Girl
105 Space Oddity
106 Space Oddity
107 Three’s Company
108 Happy Birthday To You Amy
109 Two Heart Attacks
110 Love Machine
111 Chandler Was Gay
112 Gellar Bing
113 Here All Night
114 No Drums
115 Jingle Bells The Dreidel Song Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
116 Tequila
117 Mickey
118 I Feel Pretty
119 It s Raining Men
120 Flip Flop Fly
121 Cuban Pete
122 Kokomo
123 Roxanne
124 Sanford & Son
125 Tomorrow
126 Oklahoma
127 Happy Birthday To You Joey
128 Greensleeves
129 Baby Got Back
130 I Will Survive
131 We Are The Champions
132 Joy To The World
133 Yummy Yummy Yummy
134 Human Spleen
135 Garbage
136 Javu
137 Swedish National Anthem
138 Ride Of The Valkyries
139 Happy Birthday Emma
140 A Little Bit Country A Little Bit Rock and Roll
141 La La La
142 When The Sun Comes Up
143 Don t Take No For An Answer
144 Your Love
145 The Monkees
146 Dead Mother Song
147 The Coma Guy Song
148 The Odd Couple
149 He Must Decide
150 Lion Sleeps Tonight
151 Everyone Likes Grandma
152 Smelly Cat
153 Girl from Ipanema
154 Copacabana
155 Someone to Watch Over Me
156 Star Wars
157 Endless Love
158 Jazz Hands Dance Number
159 American Pie
160 Happy Holidays
161 Feels So Good
162 Tired Old Souls
163 Rock And Roll All Nite
164 Celebration
165 Mambo Swing
166 Beyond The Sea
167 Let s Shout Baby World Out
168 Satin Doll
169 Lala
170 Our Love Is Here To Stay
171 Baby Got Back Version 2
172 Baby Got Back Version 3
173 Delta Dawn
174 I m So Excited
175 Can t Help Falling In Love
176 Here There And Everywhere
177 Hootie and the Blowfish I Go Blind
178 Toad the Wet Sprocket Good Intentions
179 Lou Reed You ll Know You Were Loved
180 K D Lang Sexuality
181 Barenaked Ladies Shoe Box
182 R E M It s A Free World Baby
183 Paul Westerberg Sunshine
184 Pretenders Angel Of The Morning
185 Grant Lee Buffalo In My Room
186 Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi
187 Paul Westerberg Stain Yer Blood
188 Introduction
189 Smash Mouth Every word means no
190 Semisonic Delicious
191 Loreta Trouble with boys
192 Robbie Williams This Kind Of Thing
193 Lisa Loeb Summer
194 Deckard What Reason
195 B J Armstrong & P Houston Angel & The Jerk
196 8 Stops 7 Question Everything
197 Phoebe Buffay & The Hairless Smelly Cat Medley
198 Duncan Sheik View From The Other Side
199 Waltons Beats The Hell Out Of Me
200 I Lef My Heart In San Francisco
201 A Groovy Kind of Love
202 A Horse with No Name
203 All By Myself
204 Angel of the Morning with Dialogue
205 Baby Got Back
206 Bad Bad Leroy Brown
207 Believe
208 Big Yellow Taxi
209 Careless Whisper
210 Celebration Single Version
211 Cheers Where Everybody Knows Your Name
212 Closing Time
213 Copacabana At the Copa
214 Delta Dawn
215 Disco Inferno 2012 Collection Remaster
216 Ebony And Ivory Remixed 2015
217 Endless Love
218 Everlong
219 Every Word Means No
220 For the Love of Money
221 Funky Town
222 Get Down Tonight 2004 Remaster
223 Girl You ll Be A Woman Soon
224 Good Intentions
225 I Dream Of Jeanie
226 I Go Blind
227 I Will Survive Extended Version
228 I Wouldn t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
229 I ll Be There for You Theme from Friends Single Version
230 I m So Excited
231 In My Room
232 Into Your Arms
233 It s No Good
234 It s Not Unusual
235 It s Raining Men
236 Let Me Blow Ya Mind
237 London Calling Remastered
238 Looks Like We Made It
239 Love Machine
240 Love To Love You Baby
241 My Funny Valentine
242 My Love 2018 Remaster
243 New York Minute
244 New York New York
245 Only Time
246 Part Time Lover
247 Play That Funky Music
248 Ride Wit Me
249 Rock And Roll All Nite
250 Rockafeller Skank
251 Shiny Happy People
252 Shoebox
253 Singing In The Rain
254 Sky Blue and Black
255 Space Oddity 2015 Remaster
256 Strangers In The Night
257 Take a Bow
258 The Girl of Ipanema
259 The Lion Sleeps Tonight Wimoweh
260 The Way We Were
261 Theme From Shaft
262 There She Goes
263 Time of the Season Mono Versio
264 Top Of The World
265 Tupelo Honey
266 Walk On
267 We Will Rock You Remastered
268 What s The Frequency Kenneth
269 With Or Without You Remastered
270 Wonderful Tonight
271 Xanadu
272 YMCA Original Version 1978
273 Yellow Ledbetter
274 You ll Know You 0Were Loved
275 You ve Really Got A Hold On Me

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